Accepting your flaws.

I believe it’s esstential to accept your imperfections. This summer I took my time to actually accept my flaws. I realised we try to perfect things that shouldn’t matter as much as it does, and in all honesty the opinions of others shouldn’t matter either. we really doubt certain aspects of ourselves because we are overthinking about how others may judge us.



  • Its a common thing we all deal with.
  • If you stopped Stressing about your flaws you would have more time to focus on important things or even just enjoying yourself at that moment in time than worrying about what others think.
  • People don’t see your imperfections until you tell them and majority of the time they don’t have the same opinion as you “It looks fine”.
  • Once you accept your imperfections no one can use it against you.

I feel the key to accepting your flaws is to realise that judegments can only hold value to your lives if you allow it.


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